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Through the power of peer to peer empowerment, a movement is happening. Here at The PEERS Project, we believe that teens need to have positive experiences and positive empowerment in order to succeed. Our program is based on this philosophy and this is why we do more than simply provide youth with education. We engage older peers to teach interactive lessons to and empower their younger peers. These lessons include avoiding reckless behaviors such as alcohol and drug use, early teenage sexual activity, and bullying. Not only is the message more readily received through peer to peer empowerment, but the Peer Leaders themselves are creating a platform for change and a network full of teens that are committed to making the same healthy lifestyle choices. These High School Peer Leaders become role models for the middle school students and a support network for their friends. The power of peer to peer empowerment is incredible. Grants from federal and state agencies, local foundations, and individual contributions underwrite The PEERS Project. Therefore, programming is provided at no charge to schools, organizations, and agencies. In our twenty year history, over 1,000,000 students have been reached by more than 25,000 Peer Leaders.

Because of PEERS...

97% could identify characteristics of unhealthy relationships.

95% learned refusal skills that would help them to resist pressure to use alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, and to become sexually active.

85% said Peer Leaders impacted their decision to avoid reckless behavior.

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