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The PEERS Project creates an influence network that empowers teens to choose healthy behaviors and form positive relationships. Participants are taught to use a decision-making process that will help them identify and strengthen their values and achieve their goals. This is accomplished through our interactive, socially relevant, peer-led and adult supervised curriculum based on research that is demonstrated to increase personal efficacy and self-confidence. Learn more

2017 Celebration

On April 25th The PEERS Project will be hosting a celebratory event for our Peer Leaders and their families to recognize the achievements of the Peer Leaders throughout the course of the year.

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News and Stories
PEERS Celebration Event

Because of the exceptional work our Peer Leaders have put in throughout the year, The PEERS Project will be hosting… Read More

PEER Leader Skit Contest

This skit contest with the theme “What Has Peers Taught Me” is open to all PEERS PROJECT Peer Leaders with… Read More

New Young Adult Mentor Program

We are excited to announce a new young adult mentor program for college students 18 - 23 years of age… Read More

Because of PEERS...

97% could identify characteristics of unhealthy relationships.

95% learned refusal skills that would help them to resist pressure to use alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, and to become sexually active.

85% said Peer Leaders impacted their decision to avoid reckless behavior.

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