The PEERS Project creates a positive influence network for teens who teach their peers how to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Through our interactive peer-led curriculum, teens are feeling empowered to make healthy decisions and avoid behaviors that could be reckless to their futures. We believe our effectiveness is the result of actively involving positive teenage role models so they can influence their peers. Through the power of peer to peer, a movement is happening.

We partner with high schools throughout Indiana to find their very best leaders and role models – who are all identified by their administration, teachers, and fellow students – where we engage them through an extensive interview process, train and equip them with our interactive curriculum, and hone their leadership and communication skills. The power here is through the peer to peer aspect, where middle school students are able to better relate to their high school Peer Leaders. Our lessons address topics like media influence, how to form healthy relationships, how to recognize and get out of abusive or unhealthy relationships, assertiveness techniques to deal with bullies, and how to feel empowered to resist pressures from peers and just every day society.

Our program demonstrates choices for optimal health and bright futures. A movement is happening. Exciting, isn’t it? We sure think┬áso.