Welcome PEERS Students!

The PEERS Project is an amazing peer-to-peer program empowering students to choose healthy behaviors and form positive relationships. Participants are taught to develop useful tools in making healthy life choices, identifying their strengths and values, and achieving their goals.

Because of PEERS...

97% could identify characteristics of unhealthy relationships.

95% learned refusal skills that would help them to resist pressure to use alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, and to become sexually active.

85% said Peer Leaders impacted their decision to avoid reckless behavior.

The PEERS Project

The PEERS Project kicks off at your school in August. Click on the APPLY tab to sign up!

The PEERS Project
We Have a Winner!

Apply for The PEERS Scholarship Contest and earn cash for your education! Meet our 2021 winner Moriah Dunham!

The PEERS Project
Join us for Winter Jam!!

Gather at the FORD Center to hear great music from positive rock bands/artists and spend it with other friends from PEERS! Join us Jan. 20, 2022!

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