Join the movement. Apply to be a PEERS Leader.

Are you a high school student interested in becoming a part of The PEERS Project?

High School Students (grades 10-12)

The key to the success of The PEERS Project is to identify and train high school students who are positive role models for the middle school students because they “live up to” the same standard they teach.

As a PEERS Leader you will receive:

  • Training and health education to help you affirm and strengthen your decision to make healthy, positive choices
  • Peer support from adult mentors and your classmates through informal meetings and social activities
  • Development of communication and leadership skills as you prepare to present The PEERS Project program to middle school students.

As a PEERS Leader your commitment is:

  1. High School grades 10-12.
  2. Commit to modeling and living a lifestyle that abstains from drugs, alcohol, tobacco and sex before marriage.  
  3. Show respect to yourself and others by dressing modestly, speaking, and behaving like a lady or gentleman.  
  4. Maintain a GPA of 3.3 of greater and use good behavior at school.  
  5. Make good choices outside of school and representing PEERS in the community. 
  6. Commit to attending practices and informing the PEERS team if there is a conflict.
  7. Learn your part of the presentation and be prepared on presentation days.