Key Predictors for Change

One goal of The PEERS Project is to increase the belief and commitment that you can achieve your goals, avoid risky behaviors, and stand firm in your values. Research has shown several key predictors for change.

In The PEERS Project curriculum we tap into:

  •        Values: being able to identify and defend your personal values
  •        Personal Beliefs: confidence in your ability to engage in refusal skills and avoid situations that could lead to risky behaviors.
  •        Future Impact: the understanding that risky behaviors can interfere with goals regarding health, education, careers, marriage, and happiness.
  •        Independence from Peer Influence: the desire and ability to follow own value system and personal goals. The teenage years are a confusing and overwhelming time, where teens are faced with bullying, peer pressure, abusive relationships, and other challenges. The decisions they make during this time can affect them for the rest of their lives.