The PEERS Project creates leaders that are committed to their values and making positive choices in their lives!  At the end of the program, students will understand:

         1      How choices impact my future (in regards to Media Influences, Personal Relationships, and Risky Behaviors)

         2      What are the external influences and internal thoughts that influence my choices?

How do we achieve this?

  • PEER Coordinators – who provide mentorship for PEER Leaders, facilitate middle school presentation days, host a year end celebration for Peer Leaders, and attend classroom presentations.
  • PEER Leaders (high school students who apply and are accepted) – who facilitate classroom sessions for the middle school students          


The PEERS Project is presented in the middle school classroom. Every PEER Leader who enters the classroom has received training and mentoring.  PEER Leaders facilitate interactive sessions on media influences, relationships and risky behaviors.


  •        Media Influences
  •        Personal Relationships
  •        Risky Behaviors (drugs, alcohol, tobacco and adolescent sexual activity) impact us in both the short and long term.