I am ready for the world. I am a strong leader. To be a leader you have to know how to serve and discipline yourself to walk the life you preach about. I grew up around and under the influence of strong powerful leaders. Most of them were women. I was raised in church which has helped shape and mold me into the young man that I am. Church has had a positive effect on my life. When I was about nine years old I truly accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I desired to become a leader when I was ten years old and my Bishop saw and felt the anointing on my life and ordained me as a youth minister at ten years old. I even realized then that I was ready for this calling.

God has truly been testing me and molding me to be a strong leader still until this day. I’ve realized over the past few years in my life that most of our difficulties in life as leaders come from not trusting in the Lord to lead us or being spiritually led. Instead we try to plan too much and do things our way. I feel in my heart that I am ready for the world. The Peers Project has helped me realize that the youth really needs strong leaders…leaders that aren’t just preaching to them, but are getting on the same level as the youth…really trying to understand their hurt and struggle and why they think violence is the answer to everything. This program has allowed me to see different environments and sit in the midst of these kids who, on the inside are crying for help and seeking someone to really love them. They need someone who can show them that they can trust somebody. That’s why I’m ready for the world, because I know my purpose and calling. I’m willing to pay the price to help somebody. Nobody promised us that the road we travel would be a smooth and easy ride, but if we come together in unity and strive towards the mark I believe we can reach success. Nobody is perfect, but if we can be in peace with ourselves and help support our brothers and sisters, we can make it.

By: Mike Williams