Sarah Crane was an amazing young women who exemplified vision and passion. She believed that young people, no matter what their age, can change their community and nation for the better. Sarah wrote on her blog one day, “I want to change the world and you know what? I just might do it.” Sarah’s two sisters, Kylee and Allyson were both PEERS Project Leaders in Elkhart School Corporation encouraged to be a leader because of the model their sister set. “I feel sorry for people who didn’t know the healthy (Sarah), just the sick one. (Her) spirit was still the same, but they only got a glimpse of (her),” Kylee, Sarah’s sister  wrote in a blog post. “The Sarah whose smile could light up a whole room in a second. The Sarah who could make anyone laugh.”

Please read more of Sarah’s story and battle here:

The PEERS Project Leader’s Remember Sarah Crane