The PEERS Project has been working with Good Vibes Media, Inc. to create training videos for PEERS’ teen leaders. It has been exciting to see how PEERS Educating PEERS 9 lessons were put into script form so that teens across the state will be able to watch the videos on YouTube to learn how to present in the classroom.

The training videos will describe presentation styles and how to engage with the middle school students receiving PEERS. There is also a video which goes into detail about the teen brain and how it works. FYI, the teen brain is extremely different from the adolescent and adult brain. It is crucial for PEER Leaders to understand how their own brain works and the younger teen they are engaging with.

Jordan Southwood, 17 year old Senior at North Montgomery High School was on of 7 actors. Jordan shared, “I thought it (filming) went very well. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed meeting other PEER Leaders from different schools.”

All in all, PEERS hopes this tool will allow teens to learn positive youth develop in a fun and entertaining format.

Check one of our new training videos here.


PEERS Filming Training Videos