It’s My Life Campaign

            In today’s society it is almost impossible for a teenager to abstain from drugs, sex, and alcohol. The world’s view of drugs, sex, and alcohol makes us believe that it is okay to participate in these risky behaviors. We get constant views in the media of sex and drugs. Especially in the music that we listen to and what we watch on television.


Even though many teens are participating in these risky behaviors a majority of them are not. I am in the majority. I am ready to face the world despite the many temptations that are presented to me every day. Many African American teenage females such as myself are the victims of the worst stereotypes. Many people believe we are doomed to fail since given the fact that the majority of teenagers have to drop out because we have a high rate of pregnancy.


I am ready for the world because I have been faced with many temptations of society and I have made the decision to be different. I surround myself around people that want the best for me. This whole summer I worked with Peer’s Project to help mentor people my age and younger and to help them to choose to live a healthier lifestyle like I did. Therefore I am ready for the world. 

By: LaSeptra Campbell , Tindley High School Juniorlasaeptra

A young PEERS’ mentor from Elkhart Community Schools  speaks from her heart and the power of the PEERS Project message. She recently texted this message after being involved with the PEERS Project and standing up for what she knew was right. This decision led to a positive choice which will affect her life forever. Had she not stood up for what she knew she needed to do, although the relationship ended, she might have been the girl which got pregnant and might have had to drop out of school and not obtain her goals of going to college. She stood up to catch her dreams for the future.

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