Does Sexting Lead to Sex?

The obvious response to this question is yes, but an article written by Elizabeth Moore provides research which analyzes the reasons as to why sexting leads to sex.   Sexting, the sending of sexually explicit photos or messages via mobile phone, is a risky behavior that is an alternative to actual sex. In one’s opinion, the problem with sexting being perceived as an alternative to actual sex is that it is not. Sexting requires the senses of touch and vision, which means the brain, is able to display those images and the physical act of sending those messages in the mind again and again. Constant depictions of images and acts of risky behavior, stimulates hormones, thus causing a teen to become more likely to engage in sexual activity. Though sexting is a problem society will continue to face, prevention starts with positive peer pressure, and the ability of teens to make good choices.!

Welcome PEERS Intern!

nicole mcdonaldThe PEERS Project would like to welcome Nicole McDonald to our staff as she works with us over the 2013-2014 school year.

Nicole is from Herron High School and participated in PEERS last school year, Herron’s first year to implement The PEERS Project.

Nicole says that, “PEERS has shown me that I have a voice and that doing what is right is a character choice I need to always embody.”

We’re looking forward to a great year together!