Orange Leaf to give 100% proceeds to PEERS

The PEERS Project is excited to announce that we were selected by the Orange Leaf yogurt store in Broad Ripple to be their non-profit community partner for their grand opening.

The Grand Opening at the Broad Ripple Orange Leaf is this Saturday, March 22. Orange Leaf is giving away 2 Kindle Fire tablets, tickets to the Drive-By Truckers concert at the Vogue, Gift Cerificates, shirts, OL …SWAG … live music, face painter & stuff for the kids, FREE Froyo sundaes from 2-5. BOGO sundaes 6-8 …. also, it is opening night for Broad Ripple’s news art gallery ArtSpace @ Orange Leaf featuring the work of David Crowe. So please come and hang out, get some froyo, check out some art and have some fun!

Hope to see you there eating some free yogurt on Saturday, March 22nd! 100% proceeds goes to PEERS.

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Elizabeth Hutson, CHS PEER Leader Performs at IRT


I was definitely living the dream. A scary, fantastic, wonderful dream. I’ve
always wanted to work as an actor professionally, and with And then They
Came for Me
, I got that chance.

The people I worked with were amazing. At first it felt very formal and I
was a little nervous, but before long everyone in the cast and crew began to
get to know each other so we all became good friends. There was a lot of love
in our group, and we all accepted and grew with each other throughout the

The show was tough not only emotionally, but also with the aspect of the
staging. It was a very different sort of play because of all of the media
interviews with Holocaust survivors Eva Schloss and Ed Silberberg. Their
interviews would come in during scenes, which was very different for me. Also,
the play’s scenes don’t exactly flow. We, the actors, enter in the middle of
scenes, so the scenes wouldn’t always get a chance to build. We would have to
enter, already at the climactic point or the lowest point in the scene- also
something entirely new to me.

The other youth actors and I also had to keep up with all of our
homework without actually attending the classes. I was lucky enough to have an
amazing friend who videotaped my classes for me, so I was able to keep up. We
had to maintain our grades and leadership positions in school, and Zoë and I
were both participating in our school musicals. The stress of the schoolwork
only added to our emotions during the show, so in a way it was sort of helpful.

All in all, I know that this experience has helped me to grow. It was an
amazing theatrical and emotional experience, and I met some amazing people that
I am not likely to forget. I only hope I get the opportunity to return to the
IRT so that I can have more amazing experiences there. I can only learn more
each time.

PEERS Impact on Kids

At The PEERS Project there are many lives impacted. PEERS is confident to say that up to one million kid’s lives have been impacted to make healthy lifestyle choices.

It is a treasure to receive encouraging emails and texts from students across the state.

PEERS just received this text about how one life was impacted. We imagine there are many, many more kids around the state that feel the same! Thank you!


Text supporting PEERS

Is Marijuana Really Harmless?

One of the most common questions I hear in the classroom is, “Marijuana is harmless, so why is it illegal?” Somewhere along the way it has been communicated to our youth that marijuana is not addictive and has no side-effects, therefore being harmless. There is more and more scientific research that confirms the dangers of marijuana as you can read in this article. Our job as educators will be to present the facts amidst the array of media and peer’s misinformation.

PEER Leader’s Sibling Remembered

Sarah Crane was an amazing young women who exemplified vision and passion. She believed that young people, no matter what their age, can change their community and nation for the better. Sarah wrote on her blog one day, “I want to change the world and you know what? I just might do it.” Sarah’s two sisters, Kylee and Allyson were both PEERS Project Leaders in Elkhart School Corporation encouraged to be a leader because of the model their sister set. “I feel sorry for people who didn’t know the healthy (Sarah), just the sick one. (Her) spirit was still the same, but they only got a glimpse of (her),” Kylee, Sarah’s sister  wrote in a blog post. “The Sarah whose smile could light up a whole room in a second. The Sarah who could make anyone laugh.”

Please read more of Sarah’s story and battle here:

The PEERS Project Leader’s Remember Sarah Crane

Do 21st Century youth want “old fashioned” values?

It has been said that 21st century youth are looking for values that were priorities 100 hundred years ago. Why do you think this is? I personally think this is due to the pendulum swinging so far away from conservative values that youth are rejecting the egregious display of virulent behavior they are bombarded by.
The internet has allowed us to see, know and understand just about everything under the sun. Rather than embracing this as liberating it has become debilitating.
This following commentary from Matt Walsh’s blog paints this picture

Does Sexting Lead to Sex?

The obvious response to this question is yes, but an article written by Elizabeth Moore provides research which analyzes the reasons as to why sexting leads to sex.   Sexting, the sending of sexually explicit photos or messages via mobile phone, is a risky behavior that is an alternative to actual sex. In one’s opinion, the problem with sexting being perceived as an alternative to actual sex is that it is not. Sexting requires the senses of touch and vision, which means the brain, is able to display those images and the physical act of sending those messages in the mind again and again. Constant depictions of images and acts of risky behavior, stimulates hormones, thus causing a teen to become more likely to engage in sexual activity. Though sexting is a problem society will continue to face, prevention starts with positive peer pressure, and the ability of teens to make good choices.!

PEERS in the News

The PEERS Project and uLEAD had an amazing day working with 300 students in Clay County’s School Corporation leading an anti-bullying retreat.

ulead group photo in brazil times
Students learn how to work as a team in Clay County with The PEERS Project and uLEAD

Read more here: Northview students take part in anti-bullying program